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West wallPatel Master Bath-SDr. and Mrs. Prashant Patel Residence, Palm City, Florida September 2014

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                                            Multi-Denominational Temple Palm City, Florida June 2014Temple Panoramic1

Temple Mural   Krishna and Cows Temple Mural   Ram and Sita

detail day 5

Sint Maarten, N.A. to Florida

[I’m actually grinning as I write this- we had the perfect life/job] I truly adored my 6 years or so doing murals/boats all over St. Maarten/St. Martin [and then a few in Florida upon my return to the states]. This began by me approaching a yachty Capt. Jack Miller over his Nude Charter boat logo “Changes in Latitudes”…from his one boat I was busy as hell and had to hire an assistant, Rosie Bason. Met loads of curious & sometimes very colourful individuals while enjoying the salt air breezes. Don’t have many photos but trying to locate some of my better murals such as Lee’s Deep Sea Fishing in Simpson Bay was one of my more challenging murals. The marlin, tuna and wahoo feeding frenzy mural wrapped around the four foot height bar that faced the street. The ever-loving Capt. Lee Halley felt the need to examine every fish for details like how many bones in each fin-[others said he was just checking out our bums].
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Stuart Oncology  PSL West Office

Stuart Oncology
PSL West Office


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