the reality:
Title: Z the Design Snob
Best Work: “Lizzy” [daughter]
Turn ons include:
GENUINE smiles, laughing eyes, hugs,
anything BAUHAUS,
the entire FUTURA font family,
proper lighting, Kabalevsky’s [dis]-chords,
Tcherepnin’s Bagatelle, Dibango’s SOUL,
LENNY Kravitz’s Mama Said CD,
artichokes, mangos, passionfruit,
super skinny ASPARAGUS,
Segura Viudas BRUT Reserva Cava,
making bread, slurping soup,
full days of smashball on a sweet beach,
sleeping under the Moon,
creaking BAMBOO & crickets,
canine loyality, feline majesty,
my Macs, and above all…
the TRUTH.

Official [yawn…] Bio:

Created in Wurtzburg, Germany, 1964.
In the early phase of development Zard relocated several times, maintaining her survival as an “Army brat.” She has been classically trained in piano, woodwinds, brass, and percussive instruments. Loving inspiration emanated from family and mentors. Zard’s career work in both the horticulture and exporting industries provided her with extensive travel experiences as well as several years of residency in the Caribbean basin. The palette and subject matter of Zard’s creations flourished from such exposure and led towards further experimentation with the use of various mediums; these include but are not limited to paintings, sculptures, murals, commercial arts, lyrical compositions, and audio/video productions. Zard’s work has been collected and appreciated throughout the Americas, Europe, Oceania and the Caribbean. Sharing her time on earth with loved ones throughout the Caribbean Basin and North America. Notwithstanding, Zard continues as a freelance designer/artist/activist/mommy/stage 4 cancer survivor.

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