Reflections OLLI USF Title Pg

Reflections Book Cover



it’s what I cut my teeth on.

Should have kept my first MAC… what a beauty.
Circa 2000: LiZARD Green G3 maxed out with 64MB!
In my bedroom closet-turned-office at Mullet Bay,
Sint Maarten-N.A./Dutch West Indies. With the help of
Astrid Van der Zee, Barbancourt rhum and my
bloodline’s tenacity, I self taught myself Adobe
Illustrator & Photoshop cussing under my breath all the way. Back then, it was all about Flexicut vinyl for the marine industry & signage and my business grew into logos & menus for the Restauranteurs, brochures for the dive shops & boat charters. I was slammed and loved every minute of it. Eventually joining forces with Astrid and Erik Holtrust to form Graffitti Works design studio. Our client listing was the whos’ who of the Caribbean basin. We had all the cell phone companies, the gov’t & municipal fleets, Carnival!, the Elections, tourism associations, hotels & resorts, the developers, the Casinos- we rocked the Caribbean. It was history in the making as I hadn’t ever touched a computer until one year prior. I fell in lust with digital design. A glowing example of “never say never”.

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