video is the Crème Brûlée of my future.
Lately, my mind is “storyboarding” silly everyday scenes, theorizing on subtle lighting effects I could accomplish through layers of opacity in the sequences of editing, and hoping to capture sound clips of that bug in the tree-before he gets picked off by that leering jay.

Yes, I have indeed earned my key
to the kingdom of dorks.

Looking forward to collaborating with others,
telling their stories be it woes or wishes to the world.

Upcoming plan is to work on a pair of projects
that could very well peel off the rotten bandage and
reveal the sores that lie beneath: the planned epidemic of Rx addiction, and the profitable plague a.k.a. Cancer from myself first hand, & others that have shared their battles & tales of repair & despair.

Public Service Announcements are extremely attractive to me… the challenge being to convey  strong messages in mere seconds…and put it in the can before the buzz has worn off. 

I hope to meet the future challenge [project] that satisfies my creative and nurturing cravings.

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